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poisened moonlight

it's the middle of the night

i overwrite my thoughts, i should be surprised, with all the thoughts inside

im not satisfied with my chosen words, the paper mixed with the black tinted pen and the tears that i cried

i lied, unsatisfied myself with an unbearable vibe

despites all the polite words i had chosen, i still wanted to rewrite

the moonlight shining through the open part of my blinds, blinding my little left eyesight

im in the spotlight of the moonlight

deciding if i should step outside of my homocide

im terrified, would my own suicide be justified?

you know what it feels like

it's like a snakebite, my body slowly getting occupied by toxic poisen, that multiplies every second

my body being the prototype for the parasite

only in this life, it's the moonlight


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