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about me


"i wanted to be freed

so i chose to let my pen bleed"

well hello there, you found your way to my blog.
I'm a hobby writer and designer and this is my way of sharing my thoughts with you and my friends. I started writing when i was around 12 Years old. I'm 20 now,  8 years of writing down my thoughts, problems and memories. All my writings are based on my life, situations that happend or feelings I've never felt before. I was never good at talking , so maybe that's the reason why I started writing. At the moment I'm working on publishing my books I wrote. It takes some time, but I'm really proud of how everything turned out for me. I am and was always really into fashion, which is why I've always dreamed about creating my own clothing line (still working on that).

You can buy my books and the clothing I've designed soon on my page.
Please, stay aslong as you want. Take your time to read, to shop or to feel inspired. This is a safe space for anyone who is in need of one. I'm also very interested in communication, so please feel free to write me an mail or a direct message on instagram. :)
Thank you for your time and enjoy!

take care 

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