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final destination

every time i arrive at the so called final destination, the train suddenly keeps on moving.

sometimes the rides are long and some rides are shorter till i arrive at the next destination.

the longer rides are often harder and leave me in a state of confusing.

the shorter ones are often more beautiful, but they mostly leave me in frustration.

i like to look outside sometimes, seeing my life passing by.

watching the beautiful side as the time is passing in front my eyes.

slowly the train gets shorter; leaving my past behind.

seats get filled with love and new opportunities.

often i dont want these trips to end, nevermind.

they feel like my seventeen dreams.

but when the trip ends, im back.

leaving my mind with a hugh gap, always im trying to remember.

i want the feeling to last forever.

as reality hits me and a little tear rolling down my face.

questiong myself, if the next stop will be my final destination.


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