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dead sunset

when i die, i will become the most beautiful sunset

you will look up and see my silhouette, think of me with no regret

i was joy within my lifetime for my loved ones and i will be joy for them when i'm not walking on this earth anymore, they can appreciate my beauty from miles away but still so near, without any fear of forgetting about me, because im right here.

every sunset they’ll see, they will be reminded of me

i live on in their hearts, cause i will always full fill the parts, where they need me to be.

they scars i will heal from above with love and promises, that i will forever be there. anywhere and everywhere, where they need me to be.

cause they can join from many viewpoints, to see me set

and even if it rains, they will see my remains shining through the heavily clouded skies. shining through the different colors of grey. even if i'm miles away, hiding behind the world, i am not away. i will be there everyday. it will be like yesterday.

when i die, i will become the most beautiful sunset

don't be upset, accept and enjoy my silhouette


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