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cold nights and streetlights

it was a cold night; reached for the pocket to stroke a light

smoke exit my throat till i choked on my own spite

rolled dice when i walked this concrete, felt blessed when i didn't end up on the wrong street

this day felt different; maybe shady

started out fine; met a dime, a beautiful boy

went to a local, forgot the name

taken back; he was a sholar with a perfect frame

commence to conversation, they spoke knowledge, he's been through alot, now buildin' a foundation

a male simplistic and very artistic

now they gettin' in it and wordplay gettin' vivid

thinkin', this one is special

he's so interestin'

catching every word that passed his lips, always listenin'

gleam in his eyes, i know i found something real used to be about what i see; now it's all in how i feel

usally, here's where i steal his heart, but i have trust issues 'cuz the last one i trusted misused

i said, "within my soul exists i rememeber it, everytime i kiss you; i miss you, when i reminisce on what i've been through."

he blew one back, asked "will this do?" warm eyes pierced me like a pistol shook my system deep down like missle

'cuz when i turned around, he looked deep insinde me and saw the sorrow

he said "i wanna be here for you today and tomorrow, don't have to give me your whole heart now, just let me borrow it i know how it feels and i never leave you hollow

don't gotta believe me , but the past is something to swallow

time moves fast, apollo, and it's obselete so girl, i'm glad you and me took the time to stop and speak."

walked off in the light of the moon and there i stood on that cold night, flame ignited

choking on my own spite but my own life is what i'm rewriting.

looking in the rear view, now i gotta clear view

most beautiful landscape i have ever seen and i seen 'em around the town

believe me no feeling like having him next to me

i mean it respectfully; i hate the distance when i‘m on the road and he's not there-

i won't admit it; too often caught up in my pride- but without him it just ain't the same ride

there's something to be said when a woman misses a man

pushing the pain aside in stride like it's nothing put, something happens when that song comes on

and he holds me in his arms but i know that he's not there

drawn to memories when we were one soul; two-halves bound into a whole being

united in a similar state of dreaming

he feels what i‘m feeling

i miss him, i won't ever forget the time, like the first time we met

truth be told, this never gets old, he is the one boy, that i‘ll ever wanna hold

mold into a god, now he's holy enough to control me

only he can show me the light from a shadow so lonely he knows me

and i‘m proud to say; this is one thing, that will never betray me

i walk along until the night meets the dawn and he's the streetlight that leads me beyond

in wonder, i’m under your spell, keeps walking, but i will never say farewell


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