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cocain - cobain

as i'm sittin' on my couch, thinkin' bout you

whilst im listenin' to the same song on repeat, whistlin' to it rhythmically

typin' the words i love you smilin'

the window open, the cold brease flowin' through my hair

breathin' in the toxic of nicotin, smokin' in ma underwear

the sound of your voice stuck in my mind, moanin' my name

callin' me overdosin' beautiful, i guess i can be your cocain

the main thought in my brain, like a game

coming through with flame, a good aim, insane

shot through the rain, the fire didn't maintain

right when i came, left a stain, i'm all yours to claim

inflame and entertain me, like i'm one of your videogames, let me be your endgame

with gifted passion and a lyric so twisted, that it makes me manic remain

no need to explain, you know who thought love was like cocain; Kurt Cobain


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